The new global business era of borderless business relations demands a new set of managerial competencies. Yeditepe MBA, having revised its programs accordingly, offers a rich selection of concentration areas in order to meet the unique career needs of our students. Our world-class faculty members from diverse backgrounds provide a balance of theory and practice in the execution of the curriculum. We strive to instill exceptional managerial competencies in the diverse group of students coming from the Istanbul Business District and from other parts of Turkey as well as from international corporations. International summer programs are also offered to our MBA students to expand their vision and knowledge base via global exposure.

We place great emphasis on developing “learning to learn” skills of our students to equip them with the ability to stay competitive in their careers. Strategic, innovative, systems and critical thinking schemes are essential components of our curriculum, providing broad managerial competencies as well as the required tools, techniques and resources for our students to succeed in the global world of business.

We would like our students to consider Yeditepe MBA as an investment to gain a competitive professional edge and enjoy a successful career life. Our evening and weekend classes are designed to facilitate time management of a professional life combined with graduate education.

Yeditepe MBA has a long tradition of graduate education in Business Administration with almost 4.000 graduates since 1997. We believe that the real accreditation of any graduate program is the accumulation of the successes of our graduates in their professional lives.